Kids’ Tablets Have Many Advantages

For the children in your life, Kids’ Tablets have many advantages. They can be learning aids as well as provide entertainment. Tablets for Kids tend to be economical, and thicker, which makes them easier for little hands to hold. They often have colorful rubber cases and shatterproof screens so that they survive the bumps and bruises that come with the life of a child. Plus, they have parental controls so that you can control what your children view online.

LeapFrog makes tablets for learning. They come with their own games and online App Store. The games teach skills related to reading, math, writing, and more. As a parent you can monitor your child as he or she progresses with the various skills. The LeapPad3 has a 5 inch touchscreen and features “LeapSearch,” powered by Zui, which makes surfing the web a safe experience. This tablet also has peer-to-peer play using the Pet Chat and Pet Pad Party apps.

Vinci tablets use the Android operating system. Their tablets come with handles which are easy for littles ones to grip. The tablets have 7 inch screens and come with Demo Apps only. You have to buy Curriculum packs separately. These apps work only on Vinci devices and are for toddlers through Kindergarteners.

Nabi Tablet

Nabi Tablet

Nabi Tablets are another brand of tablets geared for kids. The nabi Jr. comes with pre-loaded apps and uses the Wings Learning System to teach math, reading, and writing. The nabi DreamTab features Dream Pro Studio, a suite of tools that teach kids how to animate, draw, even author their own books and edit movies. It works with a stylus called a Dream Pen. The tablet has Time Rules that parents can set up. They range from simple rules such as limits for how long the tablet or a particular app can be used each day to complex rules such as the ability to have your kids earn extra time playing games if they spend enough time on learning tasks.

Of course, tablets for children are becoming more advanced every day. Please browse our store for the latest, easiest, and most age appropriate tablets for children on the market today.